A Nurturing Evening of Sound Meditation, Connection & Intention Setting.

Join together in community + connect + receive a healing sound bath meditation + tune into your greatest desires

A Nurturing Evening of Sound Meditation, Connection & Intention Setting.

7.30-8.30pm 10th March
Lekdanling, Unit B,
14, Collent Street, London, E9 6SG

During this special evening together we will begin in a circle, easing ourselves in with a grounding meditation.

Then we will set our intentions and journal all our desires that we wish to bring into fruition this year. Trusting that our intentions will manifest for us, we give them up to the universe and lay down and prepare to surrender to the blissful sounds.

This is a precious time for you to fully relax and bathe in the healing frequencies and sounds of crystal singing bowls and pyramids.

Through the powerful healing frequencies we will activate our parasympathetic nervous system which allows the body to rest, digest, restore and repair.

The frequencies slow our brainwaves down, quietening down our monkey minds and allowing us to drift into a floaty dreamlike meditative state, helping to bring about balance and harmony and remove any stagnant/ stuck energy.

After the Sound Bath we come back together in a circle, to connect and share.

The intention is for you to leave feeling more centred, connected and empowered.

What you will need:
* Warm comfortable clothing
* Water to stay hydrated
* A journal / notepad to write your intentions in
* A blanket and / cushions to make yourself nice and cosy for the sound meditation
* Yoga mats will be provided

Any questions as always please feel free to reach out.


Standard Entry £25
Early Bird £20 - Until 3rd February

Open to everyone, no experience necessary!

I believe well-being should be accessible for everybody, so if you cannot afford the cost of a ticket please get in touch directly.